Age of Enterprise


The Project Begins

The intention of the Age of Enterprise project is to create an enjoyable game in which the gamers are truly the most important aspect; where player decisions genuinely and utterly govern the way the game proceeds.

Picture the scene:

"In amazement at an over-bureacractic homeland, Europe, you depart for a land without laws, a land of hope and promise. A land of great danger. How will you shape it? Which laws will you create? How will you improve the lives of the friends you meet? How will you stamp your mark on the governance system?

Live a life less ordinary, welcome to America... welcome to an Age of Enterprise..."

How will all of this work? The Age of Enterprise team consists of computer science, economics, business and psychology specialists who are working hard to create the basics of a game worth enjoying.

Guiding principles:

  1. Humanity
    • Addiction to the game should not be rewarded.
    • Creative play and delegation should allow people to be successful
    • The fundamental game should allow people to work together with all rewarded in the same way that life allows people to work together.
  2. Freedom and flexibility
    • Tools will be provided to allow even the most inexperienced players to add features to the game
    • As children the team were taught things should be described in nouns and verbs. That is exactly the flexibilty gamers have. They can add anything to the game under the category of thing (nouns) or action verbs.
    • Those who enjoy making deals with have a flexibility of an economic system unmatched by typical mutiplayer experiences. This is ultimate freestyle monopoly,
    • Those who enjoy setting and solving puzzles and quests can set and solve quests using the landscape, computer players and any objects/actions needed.
  3. Society
    • Social structures are allowed to be as complicated as you like
    • Governments/elections/presidents/prime ministers/monarchs can be created on demand - Remember, you get the government, you pay for it!
  4. Feedback is loved
    • Give feedback, it will be loved and cherished!
    • If you want to give feedback or become more involved with any aspect of the game...
    • Play it! Create it! Love it!